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A Full Field Review for producing assets is not only a requirement by many host governments but is also an opportunity for Oil & Gas Operators to integrate all field data in a comprehensive, fully up to date study. This also provides a technical basis for any Reserves Reporting requirements, whether that is an Annual Review of Petroleum Resources (ARPR) or for stock exchange reporting in line with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Resources Management System (SPE PRMS). GGRE can provide the technical team to perform these reviews.


Understanding a producing asset and finding opportunities for production optimisation is challenging work.  A dedicated team and an integrated approach is necessary, diving deep in the data and requires open constructive challenges between the disciplines. Daily interaction between the subsurface, drilling, completions and facilities team members needs to be extended to the field operations team members, in order to quickly recognise field production changes and to update well by well field data gathering programmes to reflect current well issues.  This leads to a shorter cycle time to updating all disciplines on field issues and production optimisation opportunities can be quickly matured.  GGRE has the experience and a track record in Production Optimisation and Field Management, finding opportunities and delivering value through low cost initiatives to increase production.


At GGRE, we believe all Oil & Gas upstream investment decisions start with solid Technical & Commercial analysis to properly understand the risks involved. GGRE offers Geological, Geophysical and Reservoir Engineering integrated study support and management to deliver a project or strategy for New Ventures, Exploration and Development/Redevelopment. We also offer in house mentoring and training to optimise teams and leverage industry experts and lessons learned from analogue projects.


Doing more with less is a reality of the low oil price environment. Mentoring and training local multi-disciplinary teams is an essential part of a successful organisation. GGRE can help in knowledge management, sharing and leveraging lessons learned, training, mentoring and retaining your top professionals. Let us help you create high performance integrated teams to maximise the value of your organisation and your projects. Over the past few years, GGRE Directors have a track record in leading and developing technical and professional training programmes for National Oil Companies and Independents around the globe. Recently the team has provided training to the PETRONAS INSTEP programme and Creative Malaysia Training Center. Invite GGRE in to help you mentor and  train your teams to maintain or upgrade your organisations competencies.

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A successful New Venture strategy requires subsurface regional knowledge and an integrated detailed understanding of existing fields. Delivery of any New Venture demands a dedicated, focussed approach to build the database, the techno-commercial model and build the confidence in the investment team that all risks are understood.


GGRE can leverage industry databases & experts to help build the regional knowledge within your organisation.  This, along with GGRE's track record for delivering exploration wells and field developments is a powerful combination to any New Venture project in reducing the risks.



Developing an Exploration Strategy and maturing an Exploration Play through from Concept, Lead to Prospect is an exciting and very innovative part of the Oil & Gas business.  That process is culminated in the drilling of an exploration well or a campaign of wells to determine if the Petroleum System Model is valid.

GGRE has extensive Exploration experience, globally, in both operated and non-operated roles. One of the biggest challenges to Exploration is ensuring commercial success along with the discovery of hydrocarbons at a reasonable cost. GGRE can help mature a programme, ranking the prospects and delivering a cost effective project.



The commercialisation of an oil and gas field through to a development requires a team of professionals integrating a large amount of data and uncertainty.  A subsurface led approach, integrating facilities and drilling allows for an iterative and innovative solution capturing the range of reservoir performance outcomes and development costs.


GGRE has led many field developments and brownfield redevelopments.  The use of analogue fields along with understanding the reservoir performance uncertainties and challenging all assumptions each discipline is making is critical to delivering a robust techno-commercial project.

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