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Versatile Array of Premier Services

Empowering Success through Unwavering Resilience: Embracing Challenges, Unearthing Opportunities, and Delivering Cost-Effective Solutions.

Full Field Reviews
Our Expertise in Comprehensive Field Evaluations

GGRE excels in Comprehensive Field Evaluations, ensuring compliance with government requirements and optimizing data for precise Reserve Assessments (ARPR, SPE PRMS). Trust our expertise for efficient and accurate solutions.

FFR is essential for producing assets, meeting government requirements, and integrating field data. 

Reserve Assessments (ARPR, SPE PRMS)
Empowering Informed Decisions and Strategic Planning

Trust our proven expertise in conducting meticulous evaluations, adhering to ARPR and SPE PRMS standards. With comprehensive data analysis, we empower you to make informed decisions and strategically plan for the future.

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New Ventures
( Subsurface Insights )

A successful New Venture strategy requires subsurface regional knowledge and an integrated detailed understanding of existing fields. GGRE offers:

  • Leveraging Industry Databases & Experts

  • Building Subsurface Regional Knowledge

  • Techno-commercial Model Development

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New Ventures
New Ventures

Delivery of any New Venture demands a dedicated, focused approach to reduce risks and build confidence in the investment team. GGRE provides:

  • Track Record in Exploration &  Developments

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies

( Innovative Strategies )

Developing an Exploration Strategy and maturing an Exploration Play requires innovative thinking and expertise. GGRE offers:

  • Maturing Exploration Plays

  • Concept to Prospect Development

  • Concept to Prospect Development

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( Commercial Success )

Commercial success and cost-effectiveness are crucial in Exploration projects. GGRE provides:

  • Extensive Global Exploration Experience

  • Prospects Ranking & Evaluation

  • Delivering Cost-Effective Projects

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( Integrated Approach )

Commercializing an oil and gas field into a development demands an integrated approach by professionals with expertise in various disciplines. GGRE offers:

  • Subsurface-Led Approach

  • Integration of Facilities and Drilling

  • Iterative and Innovative Solutions

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( Robust Projects ) 

GGRE's experience in leading field developments and brownfield redevelopments ensures robust projects. We focus on:

  • Utilizing Analogue Fields for Insight

  • Reservoir Performance Uncertainties

  • Challenging Assumptions Across Disciplines

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