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The group delivering superior upstream software - spearheading the Oil & Gas industry's digital revolution.

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At GGRE, every project begins by understanding Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir Engineering, and integrating subsurface uncertainty into all aspects, from technical to environmental challenges. We thrive on agile collaboration, turning challenges into opportunities and delivering cost-effective solutions.

Exploring Expertise

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Our Genesis

GGRE, initially incorporated in Singapore in January 2011 as GGRE Asia Pte. Ltd., later moved to Malaysia in May 2016, becoming Integrated GGRE Asia Sdn. Bhd. The company focuses on technical, commercial, and subsurface expertise, derisking opportunities in various projects like CCS, CCUS, EOR, and more, with approved PETRONAS & PETROS licensing for Integrated Studies and Reservoir Modeling services.

Operating Team

Serge Jean

Managing Director Geoscience & CCUS


Mr Jean is an innovative and self-motivated registered Canadian Professional Geophysicist with over 28 years of international experience in the oil and gas upstream business, software R&D, carbon capture studies, and energy investment economics.  He has been involved in operated exploration, development and new venture activities and has been the creative force behind finding and delivering many opportunities.  As a hands on project/subsurface leader and experienced seismic interpreter, he is capable of managing multi-disciplinary teams with strong communication, mentoring and technical skills, often bridging the subsurface disciplines to facility design, engineering, economics, environmental and investment leaders. Mr Jean has a proven track record in building effective teams and delivering projects which have led to significant discoveries, field developments and production optimisation value additions.

For the past 11 years Mr Jean has been working in Malaysia, as part of the leadership team to help establish four new companies to the Malaysian upstream oil & gas business, plus one service company an one software company. He has also led many studies across South East Asia on Carbon Capture opportunities and late life asset evaluations.  This work has culminated in numerous new ventures, discoveries and redevelopments offshore Sarawak, both for oil and gas, in carbonates and in clastic reservoirs. Prior to this Mr Jean worked in India, Russia, the North Sea, West Africa and North America for several small cap and large cap companies as a Geophysicist to Chief Geoscientist and was part of the leadership team to deliver projects or strategies for New Ventures, Exploration and Developments.  He holds a Bachelors of Science in Geophysical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and is an active volunteer to many local professional societies and conferences.

banu panjateharam.webp

Banu Panjateharam


Ms. Panjateharam is a highly skilled Professional Geologist, holding a Masters Degree in Geology from the prestigious University of Malaya. With an extensive background spanning over 10 years, she boasts a diverse range of experiences in various capacities. Throughout her career, she has played pivotal roles in upstream oil & gas operators as an exploration geologist, excelled in software service companies in sales and training, and successfully spearheaded field development studies and CCUS evaluations.

Currently, Banu takes the helm as a leader of the ALECA software R&D team, where she focuses on developing an agile, cloud-based platform for evaluating energy investments. In this capacity, she skillfully navigates the complexities of the energy industry, employing her wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of the projects. Additionally, she remains actively involved in leading field studies, offering her unwavering support in geomodeling and economic analysis to optimize outcomes and drive growth in the sector.

Director - Geology Software Development


Stephanie Santa


Ms. Santa is a Professional Geologist having graduated from Curtin University in Sarawak. For the past 5 years she has consulted on projects ranging from oil & gas field redevelopments, new block evaluations, CO2 sequestration resource volume estimation (SRMS), reserves estimates (PRMS), HCIIP probabilistic analysis of discovered resource opportunities and ALECA software testing and development. Most recently Steph has been leading the design of ALECA's project management user interface along with training Operations Geoscience teams on StarSteer, the world's number one Geosteering software. 

Director - Geology Software Development

graeme rae 1.webp

Graeme Rae


Mr. Rae is a distinguished and widely acknowledged leader in Production Technology, known for his exceptional expertise in South East Asia and on a global scale. With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years, he has amassed invaluable experience in completion design and production optimization, excelling in both oil and gas fields. In addition to his remarkable technical prowess, Mr. Rae is also an avid programmer and has developed innovative software tools for sanding and geomechanics. 


At present, he plays a pivotal role in leading ALECA's development efforts, where he channels his wealth of knowledge and experience to drive the company's growth and success. His expertise extends to CCUS injection well modeling, where he plays a crucial part in shaping the future of this vital aspect of the industry. Mr. Rae's contributions continue to shape and elevate the field of Production Technology, leaving a lasting impact on the industry's landscape.

Director & CTO
Production Technology

paul fejer.webp

Paul Fejer


Mr. Fejer, a seasoned Petroleum Geologist, is a distinguished Geomodeling expert with over three decades of remarkable experience in the field. Throughout his illustrious career, he has spearheaded numerous high-profile international projects, showcasing his exceptional technical expertise, strong communication abilities, and effective mentoring skills.

In recent times, Paul has demonstrated his leadership by overseeing full field reserve analysis for valuable assets in both New Zealand and Malaysia. Additionally, he has played a pivotal role in conducting storage capacity estimations for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) initiatives using the SRMS method. Mr. Fejer's contributions have been instrumental in shaping the industry and driving progress in the domain of Geomodeling and Petroleum Geology.

Principal Geologist 


bob lee.webp

Bob Lee


Mr. Lee brings over 30 years of operated Oil & Gas Reservoir Engineering experience to the table. He is highly regarded as a great team motivator, known for his high energy, strong work ethic, and ability to spot opportunities others might miss. Recently, he has contributed his expertise in South East Asia, collaborating with industry giants like InterOil, ConocoPhillips, and PETRONAS EOR. 


What sets Mr. Lee apart is his genuine passion for reservoir engineering, particularly his commitment to integrating classical methodologies with modern simulation techniques. He thrives in multi-disciplinary team environments, fostering collaboration and embracing the collective intelligence that comes from diverse perspectives. Throughout his career, Mr. Lee has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to deliver exceptional results, making him an invaluable asset to any project in the Oil & Gas industry.

Associate - Reservoir Engineering


Reva Cipto.webp

Reva Cipto


Ms. Cipto brings a wealth of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, with over 10 years of expertise in evaluating and maturing investment proposals. Her background as a talented economist has equipped her with the skills to analyze upstream assets valued up to US$2 billion for potential acquisitions. Her strategic approach to long-term planning enables her to provide valuable insights and guidance for optimizing your company's portfolio.

As an active member of both the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Indonesian Petroleum Association, Ms. Cipto remains up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. This involvement demonstrates her commitment to professional growth and staying at the forefront of advancements within the sector. With her proven track record in the field and her dedication to continuous learning, Ms. Cipto is a valuable asset capable of driving successful ventures and enhancing your company's competitiveness in the dynamic Oil & Gas landscape.

Principal Economist

clifford martin.webp

Clifford Martin


Mr. Martin possesses an impressive 35-year career as a Petrophysicist, having worked with esteemed companies like Occidental, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron. His expertise extends across more than 25 countries, where he has dealt with diverse geologic environments, including clastics, carbonates, and igneous formations. As the Lead Petrophysicist on numerous high-profile projects, Mr. Martin has showcased his exceptional technical proficiency and meticulous documentation skills. He has demonstrated a remarkable ability to defend his work during peer reviews, reserve reporting, and governmental review processes, establishing himself as a reliable and accomplished professional. 

Beyond his technical prowess, Mr. Martin is a passionate mentor in the field of Petrophysics. He has generously shared his wealth of knowledge and experience by conducting Petrophysical Interpretation courses internationally, nurturing the growth and development of aspiring professionals. His dedication to guiding and inspiring others reflects his commitment to the advancement of Petrophysics as a whole. With his extensive expertise, remarkable contributions, and influential presence, Mr. Martin continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of Petrophysics and leaving a lasting impact on the industry. 

Associate - Petrophysicist


stephen e ball.webp

Stephen F. Ball


Mr. Ball is a pragmatic, versatile, and self-motivated Reservoir Engineer with an impressive track record of over 25 years of work experience with Major and Independent operators across the globe. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and active engagement in multidisciplinary reservoir study teams. Mr. Ball's expertise spans a wide range of areas, including reservoir simulations, new field development plans, late field life and production optimization, EOR/IOR strategies, exploration and appraisal wells, and production operations.

His work has taken him to diverse regions, including SE Asia, India, Yemen, and the USA, where he has played a pivotal role in delivering successful reservoir engineering solutions. Mr. Ball's ability to adapt to different environments and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams has contributed significantly to the success of various projects. His strategic thinking and problem-solving acumen have made him a valuable asset in addressing complex challenges and devising innovative approaches to enhance reservoir performance.


 With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the industry, Mr. Ball continues to drive advancements in reservoir engineering and remains a highly sought-after professional in the global Oil & Gas sector.

- Reservoir Engineer

GGRE Associates

With 30 years of international experience, GGRE has cultivated strong partnerships with consulting firms, Independent Oil & Gas Operators, and National Oil Companies. Key collaborators include:

Nail Petroleum: Offers commercial & technical evaluations for Oil & Gas projects.

Provenance Exploration Consultancy BV: Specializes in exploration risk reduction via basin analysis.


Seismic Scanning: Provides advanced seismic capabilities from Australia.

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