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The use of analogues, building on the lessons learned from other operators, integrating large volumes of data and iteratively finding innovative solutions are all necessary steps to a commercially successful project in the Oil & Gas Upstream environment today.  GGRE has the experience in delivering projects, building and leading small high performance teams and knows how to leverage industry experts on an as needed basis.

With over 10 years experience in the region, GGRE has led numerous successful projects across SE Asia. Being an active player in the region for so many years, the team at GGRE are well positioned to support all upstream projects and local management teams.
Projects delivered include:
  • Basin wide Petroleum System mapping & modeling
  • Analogue field analysis
  • New Venture strategies & support
  • Licence applications
  • Exploration/appraisal drilling programme proposals and approvals
  • Marginal field evaluations
  • Geomodeling and Dynamic Modeling
  • Reserves reporting
  • Field Development Plans and Redevelopment Plans documentation, approvals and implementation
  • Production optimisation and enhancement
  • Business Development strategies, proposals and implementation
The GGRE team of professionals have worked around the world and over the past 15 years have been involved as Chief Geoscientists and Senior Subsurface Management, leading and delivering on numerous projects.  Always in operated roles, the team has led well drilling programmes, Field Development Plans, New Ventures and Business Development.  
Areas worked:
  • India & Sri Lanka
  • The North Sea
  • North Africa
  • West Africa
  • North America
  • Russia
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