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ALECA Solutions
AGILE Cloud Toolbox for Oil & Gas Professionals 
- ALECA stands for "Asset Life Evaluation & Collaboration App"
A Cutting-Edge AGILE Cloud Platform
Simplify Project Management and Enhance Technical Evaluation for Oil & Gas Opportunities
AGILE Cloud Toolbox for Oil & Gas Professionals - Empowering Project Delivery, ALECA stands for "Asset Life Evaluation & Collaboration App".
Based on feedback from GGRE associates and our clients, the list of technical modules has grown to 65, with most modules looking and feeling similar to any Microsoft product. ALECA targets duplicating 80% of the functionality of standard Oil & Gas industry software, but simplifying the user interface and allowing for integration from geoscience through to economics. This simplified module approach will allow a technical multi-disciplinary team to evaluate any Oil & Gas Opportunity through to value and economics. 
How to start an ALECA project ?
Log In to cloud server, secured site
Start a new project
Invite team members
Start collab & evaluate your opportunity
aleca start porject_edited.png
aleca start porject_edited.png
Contact GGRE for more information and to get involved in completing the build.  Our goal is to save operators money and bring new ways of working to asset teams, bridging the generation gap in our professional staff and in our current software solutions. To make ALECA compelling, we will be offering ALECA at 1/10th the cost of any traditional Oil & Gas software and as it is cloud-based, teams will finally be able to collaborate seamlessly on a global scale.
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