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Finding commercially viable solutions for carbon capture is challenging.  Over the past 20 years, the team at GGRE have worked on numerous projects from within major oil & gas operators, research centers and host governments.  
Some examples of the projects are: 
  • CO2 injection in a depleted oil field for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
  • CO2 injection in a producing gas field for Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR).
  • CO2 sequestration in a shallow clastic sandstone aquifer.
  • CO2 & H2S sequestration into a deep carbonate aquifer.
  • CO2 & H2S sequestration into a depleted carbonate gas field.
The positive environmental implications to these projects is clear, however the challenge lies in finding an integrated, innovative, commercially viable solution.  GGRE has researched and studied these issues for numerous operated oil & gas operators and are passionate to share that knowledge with you. We are also familiar with the latest SPE sponsored initiative for a CO2 Storage Resource Management System (SRMS) similar to the SPE-PRMS system.
Below is a table from the SPE November 2017 SRMS document and GGRE is keen to help implement this classification system for our clients and find opportunities for carbon capture.
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