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GGRE is all about the rocks!  The letters GGRE represent GEOLOGY, GEOPHYSICS & RESERVOIR ENGINEERING. Any project the team at GGRE work on it all starts with understanding these disciplines and then integrating the range of uncertainty that the subsurface brings, to all other technical, commercial and environmental challenges. Working in an agile, collaborative and iterative manner, finding opportunities in challenges and delivering cost effective solutions is the result.

GGRE was first incorporated in Singapore in January 2011 as GGRE Asia Pte. Ltd. (201102710N) and then moved to Malaysia in May 2016, incorporating in Miri, Sarawak as Integrated GGRE Asia Sdn. Bhd. (1189341-M).  It is a company which brings a strong technical, commercial and subsurface led focus to finding and derisking opportunities, whether it is a CCS, CCUS, EOR, EGR, New Venture, Exploration, Production Optimisation or Field Development/Redevelopment Project. The company is also PETRONAS & PETROS licensed and has approved SWEC codes for Integrated Studies such as FDP, FFR, block reviews, reserve assessments along with Static & Dynamic Reservoir Modeling services and Geological Analysis while drilling services.

The Directors & Associates bring an entrepreneurial spirit, a wealth of experience and a track record for delivering projects across South East Asia and Globally.  We are also passionate about the environment and finding commercially viable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our industry.  

GGRE Consultant Geophysics
Serge Jean
Managing Director Geoscience & CCUS

Mr Jean is an innovative and self-motivated registered Canadian Professional Geophysicist with over 28 years of international experience in the oil and gas upstream business, software R&D, carbon capture studies, and energy investment economics.  He has been involved in operated exploration, development and new venture activities and has been the creative force behind finding and delivering many opportunities.  As a hands on project/subsurface leader and experienced seismic interpreter, he is capable of managing multi-disciplinary teams with strong communication, mentoring and technical skills, often bridging the subsurface disciplines to facility design, engineering, economics, environmental and investment leaders. Mr Jean has a proven track record in building effective teams and delivering projects which have led to significant discoveries, field developments and production optimisation value additions.

For the past 11 years Mr Jean has been working in Malaysia, as part of the leadership team to help establish four new companies to the Malaysian upstream oil & gas business, plus one service company an one software company. He has also led many studies across South East Asia on Carbon Capture opportunities and late life asset evaluations.  This work has culminated in numerous new ventures, discoveries and redevelopments offshore Sarawak, both for oil and gas, in carbonates and in clastic reservoirs. Prior to this Mr Jean worked in India, Russia, the North Sea, West Africa and North America for several small cap and large cap companies as a Geophysicist to Chief Geoscientist and was part of the leadership team to deliver projects or strategies for New Ventures, Exploration and Developments.  He holds a Bachelors of Science in Geophysical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and is an active volunteer to many local professional societies and conferences.

Banuprevathy Panjateharam
Banu Panjateharam
Director - Geology & Software Development
Stephanie Santa
Stephanie Santa Ngumbang
Director - Geosciences

Ms Banu is a Professional Geologist with a Masters Degree in Geology from the University of Malaya, and has over 10 years experience over a broad range of roles.  She has worked for upstream oil & gas operators as an exploration geologist, in software service companies in sales and training, and has also led field development studies and CCUS evaluations.  In her current role, Banu leads the ALECA software R&D team in building an agile, cloud based platform to evaluate energy investments.  She also continues to lead field studies, supporting geomodeling and economic analysis.

Ms Stephanie is a Professional Geologist having graduated from Curtin University in Sarawak. For the past 5 years she has consulted on projects ranging from oil & gas field redevelopments, new block evaluations, CO2 sequestration resource volume estimation (SRMS), reserves estimates (PRMS), HCIIP probabilistic analysis of discovered resource opportunities and ALECA software testing and development.

Most recently Steph has been leading the design of ALECA's project management user interface along with training Operations Geoscience teams on StarSteer, the world's number one Geosteering software.

Graeme Rae
Director & CTO
roduction Technology
Graeme Rae

Mr Rae is a recognised leader in Production Technology across South East Asia and globally.  He brings over 30 years of valuable experience in completion design and production optimisation in both oil and gas fields.  He is also an avid programmer and has developed software tools for sanding and geomechanics. He currently helps lead ALECA's development and any CCUS injection well modeling. 

GGRE Consultant Geomodeler
Paul Fejer
Principal Geologist

Mr Fejer is an accomplished Geomodeling expert with over 30 years as a Petroleum Geologist.  He has led numerous high profile international projects and has strong technical, communication and mentoring skills. Most recently Paul has led full field reserve analysis for New Zealand and Malaysian assets, along with storage capacity estimations for CCS (SRMS).

GGRE Consultant Reservoir Engineer
Bob Lee
Associate - Reservoir Engineering

Mr Lee brings over 30 years of operated Oil & Gas Reservoir Engineering experience.  He is great team motivator, with a high energy strong work ethic and a keen eye to find opportunities.  Most recently he has worked in South East Asia for InterOil, ConocoPhillips, and PETRONAS EOR. He is passionate about reservoir engineering that integrates classical methodology with simulation in a multi-discipline team work environment.

GGRE Consultant Economist
Reva Cipto
Principal Economist

Ms Cipto has over 10 years of operated Oil & Gas experience in evaluating and maturing investment proposals.  She is a talented economist who has analysed a number of upstream assets up to US$2 Billion in value for acquisition and can deliver strategic long-term planning for your companies portfolio.  She is also an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Indonesian Petroleum Association.

GGRE Consultant Petrophysics
Clifford Martin
Associate - Petrophysicist

Mr Martin has spent over 35 years as a Petrophysicist with Occidental, ConocoPhillips and Chevron, working in all types of geologic environments; clastics, carbonates, and igneous in more than 25 countries. He was the Lead Petrophysicist on numerous high profile projects, performing and documenting the technical work and also defending the work in peer reviews, for reserve reporting and for governmental review processes. Mr Martin is also a great mentor, and has given many Petrophysical Interpretation courses internationally. 

GGRE Consultant Reservoir Engineer
Stephen F. Ball
Associate - Reservoir Engineer

Mr Ball is a pragmatic, versatile, and self-motivated Reservoir Engineer who brings over 25 years of work experience with Major and Independent operators around the world. He has led and always engaged in multidisciplinary reservoir study teams delivering reservoir simulations, new field development plans, late field life / production optimisation, EOR/IOR strategies, exploration / appraisal wells, and production operations in SE Asia, India, Yemen, and the USA. 

International Associates Available
GGRE European Associates
GGRE Seismic Scanning
GGRE European Associates

GGRE Associates have worked Internationally for up to 30 years and have developed great working relationships with other consulting firms, Independent Oil & Gas Operators, and National Oil Companies.  A few companies GGRE is able to leverage are:

- Nail Petroleum, a European Consultancy that provides commercial & technical evaluations for Oil & Gas.

- Provenance Exploration Consultancy BV who specialise in exploration risk reduction via basin analysis.

- Seismic Scanning out of Australia.

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